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Burakcan Glassmold which does manufacturing in 1200 m2 closed area increase the production quality to to highest point which already has with modern technology and experienced operators by supplying the high quality material what customers prefer.

Our molds satisfy our customers by using steels which is specially manufactured for the glass industry and world class certificated 1.2787 ESR; APX-V, FAM and UK31R Cogne, 1.2782 ZF-2 and H525, 2.4858; Alloy 825 Mod and P43V.

Burakcan Glassmold Company which has a wide manufacturing line, easily provides surface measurements what customers specified with tolerance they ask besides having 4 pcs CNC Lathe and 12 pcs 3,4 and 5 axis CNC Milling machines also has experienced and expert operators.

Burakcan Glassmold presents long durable products with high surface quality by doing STELLITE and COLMONOY welding applications in the processes of mold, plunger, ring and bottom. Furthermore company also services by repairing the used or modification needed molds.